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tv   11 News Sunday Morning  NBC  July 26, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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live, local, late breaking, this is wbal sunday news in hd. >> good morning. we will get to the top stars in a moment. first, let's check out side with meteorologist john collins. >> for all of those people who said they were doing the yard work, they need to get outside now? >> there are a few sprinkles around but it is not bad. after 2:00 p.m. the rain chances will be increasing for perhaps significant thunderstorms. we had a couple of showers moved through here this morning. nothing very major.
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here you can see on radar, this is one hour's worth of radar, the past radar. you can see that a few showers moved to the north west and north of town. it is now mostly up in pennsylvania. there is some activity at hagerstown. this is all light rain shower activity left over from some bigger storms that were in west virginia earlier today -- earlier this morning. we have a cold front coming in and a better chance of rain this afternoon and this evening. >> a howard county family says one letter burned into their front yard cents a strong message. >> someone apparently does not like an african-american family in the neighborhood. >> they say it was this wednesday when they and their daughter halethorpe started on a
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walk in their neighborhood. steps away from their front door a mark on their yard stop them in their tracks. >> wheat went down the sidewalk and my wife saw it. before sheikh said anything i said that is an n. >> this was burned into the grass was some type of chemical. devon says other things have been happening. >> people have thrown chicken bones and boxes in the yard, beer bottles. they have let their dogs used -- use the long as a bathroom and left the backs. >> neighbors tell us they never expected this in their neighborhood. >> i was shocked. i am as upset as they are. >> people think you live in columbia, a nice small quiet neighborhood and nothing could
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happen. i think it is sad and unfortunate this could happen. >> he said he was willing to pass off the other events but this took it too far. he has filed a police report and believes it is a hate crime. >> this is scary. just think if this is me and haley here by ourselves, who is to say that they will come up into the house and break windows. >> the awards have lived in their home for the last three years and said they are not the only african american family in the neighborhood, just the only one target. the search for a missing girl on the sassafras river has turned into a recovery mission. she fell off of boat at ordinary point. investigators say when dick
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groat felt she somehow ended up being hit by the same boat. >> officials in baltimore, are investigating a house fire at perry hall. we are told the fire was in the basement of a home on leonard court. no one was hurt. a fire also investigation in baltimore city, in the 5900 block about -- baltimore road. it spread to several other buildings. two of the buildings collapsed and no reports of an injury. >> it was a violent night in baltimore city. a man was shot around to yesterday morning in the 5100 block of boxer avenue. police say they have been unable to identify the victim. a woman was also killed around the same time in northeast baltimore. police found her dead inside her car in the parking lot of the club house lounge.
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she was shot several times in the stomach. >> you pay your taxes and you expect certain services. do you know if you have a crash on us that bosch state road they could end up sending you a whopping bill? >> is called a crash test. russell for knows all about the crash tax. he got a bill from the state, demanding he pay more than $5,000 for traffic control. >> it is like double taxation. i do pacts --. taxes for how we control -- for highway control. >> insurance companies are refusing to pay and the state is not backing down.
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monday at 11, how you could get caught in the middle. what happens to drivers if they don't pay? >> it is 75 degrees. we have the local financial news of the week coming up. >> and how do you ensure that loans are in the best and garment? we have some legal experts here with us. with us.
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>> this morning a few light showers have moved through the area. there are a few breaks in the clouds. it is a little on the humid side. temperatures are climbing out of the '60s and now moving through the '70s. radar shows light showers moving west and northwest of the city
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have moved through harvard, and are mostly in pennsylvania. a few lingering showers are out through frederick and washington county at this point. the atmosphere is anything but dry. the humidity is strike. the cold front will be bumping into this stuff later this afternoon as temperatures warm up. the whole combination of things will lead to scattered thunderstorms later today. let's look at the situation outside. mostly cloudy skies, 77 downtown, 75 at the airport. we have a west wind at 3. a lot of moisture in the air flow, and that means some humid conditions. july has spent dry. much drier than the spring was. we fell behind and we are still behind. we have gotten the total up above an inch.
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for the year, we are still ahead of the game a little bit. it would not hurt to get more rain here. at stevens bill on the east side of the bay bridge is 75, annapolis 773 little river 75, frederick 72, hagerstown at 72 degrees. humidity is up. clouds from the baltimore area westport right now not a lot of rain activity. could thunderstorms in kentucky and tennessee. as the front progresses eastward and pushing into a humid air mass, it is really tropical air. it will trigger some thunderstorm activity this afternoon. the sun will still heat things up considerably. with that front, all the tropical air, we are in the slight risk category for severe weather.
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any thunderstorm is capable of producing if it gets cranked -- cranked up enough. the biggest hazard is lightning. keep that in mind, especially if you are out playing golf. mostly cloudy skies. thunderstorms are likely. not quite as warm as yesterday, but still up there. insta-weather futurecast shows and thunderstorms lining up this afternoon moving into the area. then relaxing over night, maybe a shower in the morning and more thundershowers in the afternoon. the front will still be close by, but it will be off to the southeast by monday. into tuesday, we could see a few scattered storm spirit the 70 forecast is warm and humid conditions into the work week. the highest rain chances are this afternoon and tomorrow. each day for the rest of the week we have a very small chance
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of isolated activity in the afternoon and evening. >> 46 million people in the united states do not have health insurance. the number is even larger for those who do not have a dental care. the university of maryland dental school gave out a free screening. >> these are people who are either uninsured or underinsured. that is why our health care before the congress is so important right now. >> it is extremely important because prop improper dental care can lead to other health problems. >> maryland's first lady spent part of her we can celebrate marilyn's summer reading program. children joined the first lady at a library saturday morning, where she read several books to the children.
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last year, more than 150,000 children and teenagers participated in the summer reading club. >> there is still plenty of news ahead. the baltimore business journal is up next. but first, here is a look at some of the events coming up around town. around town.
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announcer: during the autobahn for all event, you can get great lease deals. i love it! i just want to know it's the right move. me? thirteen days in the future. you get a deal on the car you always wanted. scheduled maintenance is included, it's all good. what's the future like? you love your new jetta. and the suit? you like it? no...i love it! welcome back. it is time for business news. let's get right to it. we had interesting news involving the hilton hotel in downtown. >> we are talking about the
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convention hotels headquarters that is owned by the city and managed by hilton. they are holding their own. the bad news is they are not going to make a profit for the city as expected this year. that expected to make about $3 million, and given the economy and the fact that the hospitality industry has been clobbered by the recession, they are no different than anyone else. >> what does this mean for the city being in the hotel business? >> should the city get into the hotel business? a lot of the council people who voted against it are saying, i told you so. reticulate the baltimore development corp. is saying, listen, give it some time. we have not had to tap into our safety net and reserves, no city money. give it some time.
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>> let's move to hunter valley where we have a defense contractor who says he is doing something for the war in afghanistan. >>aai corp. is holding its own and boosting its business, they are doing that because they are winning federal contracts. they will be developing lightweight weapons and ammunition to help in the war in afghanistan. this will again help them as well. >> will they have to hire more people? >> they have hired 350 people since the beginning of the year. they are expected to hire another 120. >> what is going on with the volvo ocean race? >> it brought $50 million in economic impact into the region in 2002 and again in 2006.
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2012 is too close, they decided. they just don't think it is an appropriate act right now for many corporations who are struggling. they decided they would take a pass on it this year. the good news is that baltimore will likely team up with northern virginia and d.c. for the senior olympic games. it will be great for economic impact in the city. >> each area would pose a different venue? >> yes. >> and soccer did great in baltimore. >> it would be a repeat of something like that downtown. it was wonderful. we will wait and report back to you on the numbers. >> we know that the game was sold out and it was tough to get a hotel room. >> thank you. there will be much more news
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ahead. >> we are in a pretty corner of the patio here. >> we had to start going up. we will talk about patios and primarily trellises. it is
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>> good morning and welcome to your sunday gardener. we are on the patio this time. a month or so ago, we talked about trellises and plants and climbers. this is how they are used as an application. it is still early.
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>> over here we have a morning glory in the corner. we also have a moon vine. they bloom at night. this is one of my personal favorites. we found a real trellis to handle this short wall. and that will go right up there. this will keep on going. there are some great new colors out. >> these are tropical. >> these can come inside. over here we have another morning glory. this is just leaned up against the house. it works, because this will hold it there. >> how much sun does this guy need? >> this faces the southeast, so we will get a good bit of this.
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>> for the bulk of the day you have had plenty of sunshine. by the end of the summer you'll even see the wall there. keep that a little bit from war. now this comes back every year. we have them in the ground. what we have done is put this chicken wire up along the bottom all up along here and even along the top. >> by next year, in one season we will get up to here. next year we are looking at having a lot of this cover. this is an old stone house and it kind of fits. >> they were new this year, just planted back in early april. >> you don't notice is sent to you are right up against it. >> about the care of the --, which is a perennial. they do prefer sun.
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>> they like their heads in the sun and feed in the shade. -- there feet in the shade. this get some bacterial issues not and then so you want to be checking on that. some varieties want to be cut back. for containerized vines, during the hottest months this month and next month when it is dry you have to watch the water issue. >> yes. and if you have black pots, it will -- you need to water more. >> for a look at a trellised garden put to use in a real situation. next sunday will be back with more on your sunday gardener. we will see you then. >> if you have a gardening question, please send it to the
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address on your screen. you can also go to our website, >> skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the united states. if you think lotion alone will protect you, think again. what else you need. that is coming up. >> we have clouds this morning and a couple of showers. this afternoon, some stronger storms are in the forecast.
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live, local, at least breaking, this is a wbal tv news sunday morning in hd. >> first, a look outside with john. everybody has a lot of yard work to do. >> we will have a lot of rain to make that garden grow.
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we do have some rain in the forecast today. we have had a couple of showers coming across the area, mainly north and west of us as mine. most of the shower activity nearby is a few sprinkles and light showers west of the city towards frederick. most of but it is up in pennsylvania. you can see the cold front in -- in ohio. there is a thunderstorm and west virginia right now. there is not much to it. the area ahead of the front is full of moisture. we will talk about the chance of thunderstorms this afternoon. stick around. >>? police are looking for the gunman who shot a man around to in southwest baltimore. it happened in the 5100 block of foster avenue. he was pronounced dead at debut
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-- bayview medical center. a former financial advisor to michael jackson has come forward with more than $5 million of his money. he turned the money over to executors' of jackson's estate, saying the money was a secret between them. he was instrumental in saving never land ranch from foreclosure. . it is time for -- it is time for our sunday morning question and answer. we have an attorney of elder law this morning joining us. this is a question that a lot of baby boomers are facing with their parents if they have not done so already. >> part of the population of
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getting into the 80s and 90s will boom over the next millennium, elder law attorneys are seeing people in droves. >> we have an important question. please explain how medicare works as far as nursing homes. there are many rules about who is eligible. how do you know if you qualify and when to apply? >> the big misconception with medicare is it does not necessarily cover nursing home care. the term they mean is medicaid. in order to qualify for medicaid your assets have to go down to $2,500. then it will pay for nursing home care. >> how do you get down to 25 under dollars? >> you are allowed to transfer money to your family, to your close relatives to protect it. you have to do it within the rules come and people don't understand about rules so they
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freeze like a deer in the headlights. >> the fear is that people have worked hard, pay their bills and taking care of their families. now all of a sudden they are in the situation. >> the program only allow issue to get down to $2,500, where is the dignity? to go up the rest of your life with only $2,000 to your name is a very hard way to go. >> would you encourage people to keep asking questions even if they are told one thing, you have to do a check against that? >> elder law attorneys are the place to start. we need to see everything people have, how it is titled. you may have to involve the children from a communications standpoint. >> when this kind of thing happens, it happens quickly. you are asked to make a decision very fast about your loved ones care without having a lot of
9:33 am
knowledge. do you have a way that people can start learning this information. tell us about your book. >> a will is not enough in maryland, this is a treatise on how the medicaid rules work. the tough part with this is that every state's rules are slightly different. the beauty of the book is it is designed for maryland so maryland people can eat learn what to do. >> protecting your money, there are a lot of situations where maybe an elder person would have insurance, but then they find out the cap on the insurance is going. the supplemental insurance isn't going to work in a situation like that. what can people do to make sure their loved one is financially ok once they get into an assisted living facilities or full-scale nursing situation? >> medicare is a good program. supplemental insurance only does
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what medicare does. so that will not help. then there is long-term care insurance. great insurance, but you have to buy it before you are sick. so that is often not able to be done. then comes medicaid, which is the program which is a security blanket, but you need to proactively make yourself eligible for medicaid. >> it is quite an indoctrination to learn all these rules. when you reach age 65 and are thinking about retirement, you don't think you need a nursing home, but you better start understanding the rules. that is when we encourage people to sit down and talk about it. >> thank you for coming in. away from today congressman
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elisha cummings will be our guest. if you have any questions for the congressman, send them in to the web site on your screen. we will be right back with more news in a moment. first, here is nbc's david tyree with a look at what is coming up on meet the press. >> an exclusive interview with secretary of state hillary clinton. it is her first live sunday morning interview. she will be here for the full hour. she has logged 100,000 mi. traveling around the world. fresh off of her trip to asia, we will ask for about that and some of the other to help avoid dental problems my dentist gives me act restoring mouthwash. act kills germs, restores minerals strengthens enamel. act restoring-- for strong teeth act now.
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>> first, let's take a look at radar to tell you an idea of what is going on out there. clouds are over town, there are some thin spots. there are a few showers north and west of us. most of the rain is in pennsylvania right now. further west, a cold front on the radar, near wheeling, west virginia. heavier activity is down in kentucky and tennessee. as a front get costs closer, things will probably become active this afternoon as more rain develops. looking outside, generally cloudy conditions right now. the barometer is down, west wind at 3 mi. an hour.
9:39 am
the wind is southwesterly, bringing in tropical moisture. 77 degrees at eastern, college park is 77, gaithersburg 70, westminster is 70 degrees right now. clouds are around the area, thin and scattered over us. this is rain shower activity north of us to the northwest. there is a thunderstorm over wheeling to it and the stronger activity over west virginia and tennessee. here is the cold front getting closer to us today. by evening, it approaches the bay and crosses the bay overnight. this is very humid and loaded with tropical moisture. the heating of the afternoon sun gets the atmosphere going. that is why we are saying a pretty good chance for thunderstorm activity. mostly cloudy skies today, more clouds than yesterday.
9:40 am
thunderstorms are likely, southwest wind at 5-10 mi. an hour. the greatest threat is lightning. we also have the added threat, possibly strong storms. 87-92 will be the high today. salt wind gusting to 20. two feet chop in the bay. ocean city this morning, by evening rain chances will extend into monday. today's high 85, tomorrow only 82. in the future, one batch of showers moving out but the next line moving in this afternoon and this evening. it tapers off, maybe a morning shower. the atmosphere will be a bit unstable and we could see a bit of that on tuesday.
9:41 am
our seven-day forecast has us in the upper 80s to near 90 most of the week. the highest rain chances are today and then tomorrow. the rest of the week there is a rain chance each day. it is not a washout situation. in the afternoon and evening, maybe some of these pop up thunderstorms will occur. >> a sunscreen and glasses, if you think that is all you need to be protected -- protected from the sun, think again. >> a lot of times when people think about sunscreen, they think about it when they are outside, but it is an everyday thing you should think about it. use it in the winter also. you do body lotions all the time. this one is by vaseline. get your favorite one and see if
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they have an spf. you have that lightweight lotion that you like, but you have the protection that you need. it is only $5.49. >> 15 is where you should start when it comes to protection. with your face you can go to a 50. this is a moisturizer but an anti aging lotion. you will get all the benefits you want an anti aging, but it with spf 50 you get great protection. think about your makeup. you can try looking for items that have spf's in your makeup.
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this has spf 18, so you get the tented foundation you want, but you get that spf protection that you need. you can also get it on your lip color. this is like a lipstick. this is spf 20. you get very good protection and do still have all the protection you need. >> this is important it for making sure about this. this is your hair. a lot of it gets messed up to two uv damage. this has natural things in it
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like pomegranate for red hair which will boost the hair color. it also has the uv protection. it has something for every color. and the nails. nobody thinks about the nails. you wonder why your nails are brown. sometimes it is due to uv damage. it is just a regular topcoat that has uv protection and it. it does not feel uncomfortable and it is believed to incorporate into your life. >> you can get more information on your product on your website. thank you for coming in. up next, sunday brunch.
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but first a look at last night's winning lottery. it's july 14th and i'm donna
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with a look at the past 24 hours on royal caribbean's liberty of the seas. chris and his dad vic took in the sights, at 400 feet above sea level. olive mae lewis checked one off her bucket list. water bike gangs roamed the high seas. and finally, carissa marasco did nothing at all. that's the news. i'm donna, cruising with royal caribbean, why aren't you?
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at this time every sunday we do sunday brunch. good morning. where is your bistro at? >>1717 eastern avenue. we have been there five years. we changed the concept a bit. today we will be preparing some great short ribs, under 20
9:48 am
bucks, it is recession-proof. common garden vegetables and some zucchini. my neighbor groove this -- grew the spreais. >> i am preparing braced short ribs. braze 424 of our spirit take the ball out and trim them up. this is like mashed potatoes. we add a little while sau wasab >> you guys, a presentation is everything. but you have to have the flavors as well. >> a obviously, we get up -- in
9:49 am
there and mess up the presentation. see how tender those are? 24 hours braize the short ribs. that is made with white truffle oil, you can't potatoes, add salt and pepper -- yukon potatoes. i have a secret ingredient i will put in there. >> every kitchen has its secret ingredient. >> my secret ingredient is we cooked with love. you just cook straightforward. everything should represent itself. a carrot should taste like a carrot.
9:50 am
here i have some fresh thai basil. that is the secret ingredient. we have a garnish with that. i also have some zucchini, these were grown from my neighbor's garden. we will put a little heat on here. put a little white truffle oil on it. we have a little zucchini from my neighbor's garden. see how tender that is? you will have to do the taste test.
9:51 am
i will hold the mic. it is fork tender. do you want to try the zucchini? >> let me try this out. they are ready to eat. is that good? >> i am glad you joined us this morning. if you want this recipe, check online at our website or send us a self-addressed samp envelope -- self addressed stamped envelope.
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but online is the easiest way. timothy dean's bistro. we will be back in a moment. some good news regarding the orioles' rotation. but you also have to have the bad also. we will talkpa
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11 sports with pete gilbert. >> the orioles continue to struggle in the second half. we have been accustomed to watching them loose. this wednesday it looks like chris tillman will get the start from aaa. he is one of the very bright
9:55 am
prospects we have in the rotation. jerry -- jeremy guthrie, he served it up with two men aboard. it is a 3-0 red sox lead. adam jones, not very good at this. nobody saw luster very well. he did a pretty good job against him. for-1 game. lester was so good against the orioles, never lost against him. his debut with the red sox, he was gone. a two-run shot. boston wins it 7-2. john lesser, a is for as raven, paul kruger second round pick out of utah, he is a high motor guy.
9:56 am
. he has come to terms with a four year contract. he is locked up for the next four years, at least he will be on monday when he signs a contract. that leaves just one rookie not sign. not many first rounders have assigned. ravens are optimistic they can get a deal done with him before training camp begins. mark cavan kia had a pretty decent day. the pitch for birdie did not go in. a pga tour record to go nine in a row. he should 65. the other guy making big noise, leif olson. sets up a nice dirty. it helps when you can play pain palm -- ping-pong.
9:57 am
his reaction was priceless. he just won himself a new bmw roadster. i will be back tonight at 6:00 p.m.. >> john is too busy to eat -- eating to talk. jennifer says goodbye, thanks for joining us. timothy dean, >> i have a gift for you. will you use it? >> i do. before they get me in trouble, have a great day, everybody.
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they have alzheimer's and heart disease, diabetes and cancer, and they've heard that biomedical research offers hope -- that it could control, maybe even cure, their disease. senator barbara mikulski understands the importance of innovative biomedical research for patients, their families, and our economy here in maryland. call senator mikulski today. tell her thanks for protecting the promise of biomedical research and the maryland jobs it provides. it's not just the future. it's life.
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